Level Three Test

Congratulations on completing all of the projects on this level!  These multiple choice questions are based on the work you have done so far.  This is an Open Computer Test. We strongly recommend that you take your time and look back through the projects to find the answers if you aren't sure.  It is not our intention to trick you.   We will send you the results as soon as possible. 

A passing grade is 60%. That means if you get more than four wrong, you don't pass and will need to take the test again.  Good luck!!

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  1. Sinedots II is...

    A Texture
    A Plugin
    A Preset
    A Pattern

  2. After you make a calendar grid with a script...

    You can't alter it
    You have to save it as a brush before you can use it
    You can't reuse it
    None of the above

  3. If you are painting many different objects it's a good idea to put each one on a separate layer because...

    You may make a mistake and need to start that part over
    You might want to use different parts for another painting
    You don't want to ruin the rest of your painting if something goes wrong with that part of the painting
    All of the above

  4. In PSP you cannot...

    Create your own gradient
    Alter an existing gradient
    Delete an existing gradient
    None of the above

  5. If you want to distort an image, you can use:

    A defomation map
    A mesh grid
    The Warp Brush
    All of the Above

  6. When you are working with a Preset Vector shape clicking on the Pen Tool will:

    Put you into edit mode for the vector shape
    Align the vector shape in the center of the canvas
    Add another shape to the Canvas
    None of the above

  7. What is the purpose of using the 3D Cutout Effect on a shape?

    It applies a texture to the shape
    It gives a 3 dimensional look to the shape
    It removes the shape from the image
    It expands the selection inside the shape

  8. Which statement best describes a "context menu"?

    A context menu cannot be customized
    You can add right-click commands to any menu
    You can't add icons to context menus
    There are no context menus in PSP

  9. Which of the following statements is true in regard to Adjustment Layers?

    An adjustment layer affects all layers below it
    You can add adjustment layers to test various color corrections or combinations of corrections.
    Any settings created in the Adjustment Layers can be saved as Presets to use again
    All of the above

  10. Which statement below is correct?

    All Preset Shapes are Vector based objects with nodes
    Preset Shapes can only be used on raster layers or images
    Preset Shapes cannot be exported
    Once drawn you cannot move a Preset Shape

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